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Mapping software as powerful as it is easy-to-use.


With our Web-Based app & CAMA Integration, all of your changes and info are updated in the field.

Grows with you

Expand services as your county demand grows using our optional plug-ins & maps features

Subscription Management

Generate revenue for your office with GIS subscriptions, and easily manage users, billing, & payments.



Cloud Hosted Web-Based App

Tax Sale Manager Layer

Proximity Search

Multi-Category Search & Display options

Add entity layers & themes

Google Street View Integration

Supports even low-quality aerials

Open GIS Compliant

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Streamlined Personal Property Appraisal

Have access to your software from anywhere

Designed to make your (and taxpayers) lives easier.

Fully Integrated Mapping & Appraisals

The Modern Platbook Solution

Custom County & Office Wide Websites

GIS Expert Experience from ClearBasin.

Facebook Management for Counties & Offices

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