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Real appraisal software designed to make your life easier.

Fully Integrated Mapping

With Appraisers Integrated GIS software, switching back and forth between programs is a thing of the past.

Automatic Syncing

Your changes, on your schedule with auto-updates published to your GIS-enabled site on a weekly or nightly basis.

Flexible Cost Algorithims

Get the right valuation, every time, whether you need/use Cost, Market, or Income models.



GIS Included

Fully Integrated Mapping & Appraisal Functions

OpenGIS Compliant

Direct Sales Comparison module

Cost Tables

Commercial Valuation Using Income & Expense Models

Multiple Attribute Search

Automated End of Year Reporting

Since converting to ClearBasin software, our office is more efficient. We can now search for parcels numerous ways instead of [only] parcel number or name, change history is tracked by year, and end of year closing of books is automated.  I would highly recommend ClearBasin!

Bollinger County Assessor

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Streamlined Personal Property Appraisal

Have access to your software from anywhere

Designed to make your (and taxpayers) lives easier.

Mapping as easy-to-use as it is powerful.

The Modern Platbook Solution

Custom County & Office Wide Websites

GIS Expert Experience from ClearBasin.

Facebook Management for Counties & Offices

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