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Streamline your Personal Property Appraisals

Auto-Scan Image Form Processing

Quickly input Personal Property forms using state-of-the-art scanning technology.

Seamless Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with your collector - even if they don't have ClearBasin.

Auto-generate court orders for add-ons & abatements

Save time with ClearBasin's automated court order & abatement generation.



Track & Automatically Cap Late Filing Penalties

Automated Declaration Processing

Multiple Year System

Automated Vehicle Valuation

Built-in Workflow Management

SQL Compliant Database for easy ad-hoc querying ability.

Personal Property is at our fingertips to add, correct & issue non-tax waivers. Being digital gives us the ability to save physical space in filing thousands of declarations each year, and we can keep history for more than five years.

Bollinger County Assessor

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Fully Integrated Mapping & Appraisals

Have access to your software from anywhere

Designed to make your (and taxpayers) lives easier.

Mapping as easy-to-use as it is powerful.

The Modern Platbook Solution

Custom County & Office Wide Websites

GIS Expert Experience from ClearBasin.

Facebook Management for Counties & Offices

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