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Live-balancing & sophisticated reporting made easy.

Distribution Management Reporting

Wrap up your end of the month reporting quickly & efficiently with automatic commission override calculations & partially-protested valuation management.

Powerful Access Controls

Control permissions for specific users on key activities, including tax rate maintenance screens for the clerk to use and approve. Know when and where changes were made to your data with full audit logs

Efficient In-Person Posting

ClearBasin Collector Enables Deputy Collectors to quickly and easily deal with Tax Payers in person

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Tax Calculation

Levy Rate Maintenance Screen

Levy Rate Management Security & Auditing

Real Estate & Personal Property Taxes

Miscellaneous Collections

Drainage Benefit Calculations

Court Order add-on processing & abatement - including an assessor

Tax Statement & Tax Book Printing

Before ClearBasin, the system I was using was not very helpful. There was a lot of searching for parcels because nothing was grouped together. Interest had to be figured by hand, and that was no fun come January 1st of every year! With the [ClearBasin] system, it has proved to be very user friendly. We love that face that when we pull up a name or parcel, it links delinquent taxes that may go with that parcel together.

Shannon County Collector

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