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Stay Connected and Engaged: Tips to Keep Taxpayers up to Date!

Updated: May 30, 2023

Building a strong connection with taxpayers is essential for county officials. In today's digital era, many fantastic tools & strategies are available to make communication a breeze and ensure taxpayers have access to critical information and deadlines. In this article, we'll explore some helpful tips and tricks to keep your taxpayers up to date while highlighting a few of ClearBasin's products designed to make it even easier! These products are designed with your needs in mind, offering user-friendly website design and hassle-free Facebook management. So, let's jump right in and discover how these tools and some other valuable tips can help you stay connected with your taxpayers!

1. Embrace the Power of Social Media:

In today's hyper-connected world, social media platforms like Facebook offer fantastic avenues for communication. Start by creating a warm and inviting Facebook page for your county office. Once your page is up and running, you can regularly share important updates, including friendly reminders for taxpayers like Personal Property filing & tax payment deadlines. Don't forget to encourage taxpayers to follow your page by providing links on your emails and website. It's a fantastic way to build a community and keep everyone informed and engaged.

Don't know how - or don't want to - manage your Facebook page? We get can be overwhelming dealing with the comments, direct messages, and keeping on top of posts. Learn more about ClearBasin Social, our social media management services, today & see how we can help!

2. Boost Your Website with ClearBasin Presence:

A well-designed website is like a friendly welcome mat for taxpayers, inviting them to explore and find the information they need. ClearBasin's Presence offers delightful website design solutions fully customizable for your whole county – or individual offices. Collaborate with our team so we can create an intuitive website where taxpayers can easily find contact information, important updates, and deadlines. Consider adding eye-catching reminders on your homepage that stand out and update them regularly as deadlines draw near. Also, remember to upload blank personal property forms & how-to guides for tax payments to make it easy for taxpayers to find and complete them hassle-free!

If you don’t have a website yet (or if you have one that’s complicated and outdated) contact us today to learn more about our website design offerings with ClearBasin Presence.

3. Keep the Conversation Going with Email:

Email is a fantastic tool for maintaining direct communication with your taxpayers. Consider implementing an email newsletter or subscription service to provide regular updates, friendly reminders, and exciting announcements. Encourage taxpayers to sign up for your newsletter on your website, during in-person interactions, or even add it to your tax statements and personal property forms. Building an email list can foster an ongoing conversation and ensure taxpayers stay informed about important matters. Let's keep that open dialogue flowing!

4. Streamline Communication with Automated Messaging:

Why make things complicated when automation can make your life easier? Discover the wonders of automated messaging systems that can send reminders, notifications, and important updates via text messages or emails. With automation, you can focus on providing exceptional service while keeping your community informed.

The Bottom Line:

You can easily connect with your taxpayers by embracing tools like ClearBasin's Presence and Social products and utilizing social media, email communication, and automated messaging. Remember, the more engaged and well-informed they are, the better they can participate and contribute to the community. So, let's stay connected, keep the conversation friendly, and ensure that your taxpayers feel valued and updated with the latest information and deadlines. Using these tips, you can make the tax process a breeze and foster a friendly and supportive relationship with your taxpayers.



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