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Since Bollinger County converted to Clear Basin software our office is more efficient.  When a phone call comes in we can look up data without getting up and going to vault and physically pulling file to answer questions.  We can fax/email request digital data, our website is a tremendous resource for Bollinger County citizens and businesses
-Bollinger County Assessor

Before ClearBasin, the system that I was using was not very helpful.  There was a lot of searching for parcels because nothing was grouped together.  Interest had to be figured by hand and that was no fun come January 1st of every year!  With the [ClearBasin] system it has proved to be very user friendly.  We love the fact that when we pull up a name or parcel it links delinquent taxes that may go with that parcel together.
-Shannon County Collector

I] love Clear Basin.  It is a very user friendly system.  The reports have the numbers I need for distribution  and have saved a lot of time in closing out the month.  Our customers have commented that they have noticed the speed of the look-up and processing, which makes us look good in their eyes. Lastly, I love the affordable quarterly payments!

-Randolph County Collector

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