Introducing ClearBasin Software

The products formerly marketed and sold by Intrinsic Corp are now owned by ClearBasin Software. We are a Springfield, MO based software company dedicated to the needs of county Tax and Finance Administration operations.

Our Philosophy

Maps, everywhere

We believe that you should be able to extend your mapping capabilities beyond just your mapping team and beyond the boundaries of your office. Our embedded GIS is designed to be all you’ll ever need for everyday use. But it’s also right at home as a complement for your existing GIS infrastructure. With our solution the choice is yours.

Our Products

Our products

ClearBasin Appraiser

Computer assisted mass appraisal that automates the most tedious mapping operations. Our CAMA solution is built on proven capabilities needed to produce accurate valuations. Operating in nearly 20 counties, we have some of the most accurate running our software. We have been able to provide a level of accuracy for these counties that we will help you achieve too. With our embedded GIS, you can sketch, split, and view your maps just by navigating to the property record card. And best of all, there is no separate GIS to buy, it’s included in your subscription.

ClearBasin Collector

Accurate taxation and efficient billing are key capabilities for your county. Our software is fully integrated with our Appraiser package, ensuring seamless and accurate transfer of valuations every time. With robust reports, and world-class support, you can be sure of accurate balancing and easy transactions with taxpayers when they visit your office.

ClearBasin Maps

Built on OpenGIS® standards and proven for cities and counties, our web-based GIS system is capable of satisfying the most demanding feature counts and providing excellent performance even on low-bandwidth connections. We can support your aerials of any quality level, integrate directly with Google Street View®, manage as many layers as your needs require, and support millions of features without any negative impact on the performance of your web application.

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